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Kay Design & Exhibition, a Trade Show Booth Rental Supplier & Contractor in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia do provide Exhibition Booth Display Design & Rental for Exhibitors. Our Expertise 3D Designer & Carpentry work always make us a proud to be Malaysia Well Known Exhibitions Contractor.

With the Quality Wood Work, we able to provide affordable price to our clients due to we are the manufacturer of Exhibition Tradeshow Booth Design & Build.

We customize and manufacture Exhibition Booth for your preference. Kay Design develops creative marketing solutions that deliver results. We also provide exhibition site services and rental of accessories including Trade Shows Booth Display Systems Rental and are designed to meet your requirements for successful Trade Shows Events.

Kay Design & Exhibition, an Exhibition Booth Rental Supplier Malaysia, We provide Conference & Exhibition Services, Conference & Exhibition Display Services, Conference & Exhibition Display System, Conference & Exhibition Design Services, Exhibition Booth Rental Services, Exhibition Shell Scheme System, Conference & Exhibition Equipment & Penal System, Exhibition Truss Display System, Exhibition Pop Up Display System, Exhibition Roll Up Banner Stand & Exhibition Furniture Rental System in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

We Provide Exhibition Booth rental services,

Exhibition Design  Services, Exhibition Truss  Display System,  Exhibition Popup Display  System, Exhibition Rollup  Banner Stand &  Exhibition Furniture  Rental System in Kuala  Lumpur Malaysia. Our talented team of exhibit designers, graphic artists, and staging professionals can customize any size trade show exhibit using your own corporate branding. You decide whether to rent or own, and we can provide guidance to help you decide which option is best. We also offer multi-show discounts on all custom rentals.

Truss System

System on Mobile Frame is main reasons for large scale stage backdrop / wall display because there's no plastic parts to break and easy screw type fastener that you can go over tighten and strip. This truss system looked professional and very durable.

Customize Design & Build

can easily be done by one or two person within 15 minutes (Depend how big the system require to use in your event). One tools you will need though is a hammer and a leatcher since some of the screw point, connector & pins fit a little tight you will need to tap them in gently. Once the design is approved, our fabrication and production team is dedicated to bringing the design from the studio to the show floor on time and with quality of construction. To make your show completely hassle-free, we are here to take care of your needs every step of the way: booth fabrication/refurbishment, graphic design, transportation, onsite work and show logistics. Not only that, we also maintain your exhibit property in between shows and events.

All you need is our expertise.

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