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We supply different types of exhibition display system within Malaysia as well as Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor and ETC. Other than Interior Exhibition Booth Design concept and build, Kay Design & Exhibition, one of the most reliable exhibition service provider in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia supply for the Small to large exhibit system such as Backdrop Display, Modular Backdrop, Modular Display System, Popup System, Popup L Shape, Popup Curve, Popup Straight, Easy Banner, Flexi Joint Stand, Popup Fabric, Display Panel, Folding Panel, Rollup 5Ft, Rollup Bunting System, Bunting Stand, Portable Counter, Sampling Booth Counter, and Customization of Plywood Display System.

Popup Backdrop Display System

Popup backdrop Display System is the most favorable Display backdrop chosen by user. Its fixture is more presentable and easy to setup. A complete set of popup system usually come with the aluminium frame system and Inkjet sticker c/w Black PVC.

With the sport light effect of popup system, it can make the backdrop seems like a customize plywood backdrop. Popup System Size is normally 3m x 3m. Kay Design & Exhibition do provide Popup System Curve ad also Popup System Straight.

Kay Design & Exhibition have an upgrade version on Popup System Backdrop by upgrading with a Multi Hard Case which is come with Inkjet Sticker & Black PVC. The additional Multi Hard care can actually represent a portable reception counter.

Flexi Joint Stand Backdrop

Flexi Joint Stand Backdrop is the light weight easy backdrop. Having the same fixture with popup system, it come with an advantage of light weight than Popup System Backdrop. Flexi Joint Stand Backdrop usually is more friendly user comment by female user as it is really light weight and presentable enough if travelling to outstation.

The fixture of Flexi Joint Stand is joining between magnetic stripes. The benefit of using Flexi Join Stand Backdrop is no tool needed to setup for the backdrop and cost efficiency due to we can deliver by a small size car. Usually we are providing 3 panel Joining Stand to End User. We also can customize more than few panel as well as the booth size provided.

Folding Panel Backdrop Display

Folding panel backdrop display is one signature backdrop display of Kay Design & Exhibition. Kay Design & Exhibition, Exhibition Services company in Malaysia have provide two types of the folding panel. One type of the folding panel backdrop is Folding panel come with Inkjet Printing. User can placed useful information to the board and bring it everywhere as it was just 3 steps to setup.

Folding panel has become on of the preferable backdrop usage by company. Another type of the folding panel is Folding panel come with Velcro. Some user might prefer to place different information or picture to the display panel board backdrop as they were travelling everywhere and marketing different products. Folding panel come with Velcro will be the friendly user products for them.

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